Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finding a Multimedia Design Company

Advancements in multimedia technologies have changed the way companies market their wares. CDs, websites, Powerpoint presentations, and interactive tools enable companies to reach larger audiences, often at lower costs than traditional print advertising and direct mail, and the interactive nature of these technologies encourages an early relationship with users not previously possible with two dimensional marketing tools.

The challenge for many companies is how to logically and effectively incorporate today's multimedia tools into a cohesive marketing plan. Karen Spencer Design can help. We take a collaborative, one on one approach with each client. We carefully consider the marketing objectives, corporate mission, and budgetary parameters to design a marketing strategy that will successfully achieve corporate goals.

When incorporating multimedia into a marketing plan, we believe first that the multimedia design should align with the corporate branding and logo design. All imagery should be consistent and the graphic design should accurately reflect the corporate character and mission. Visuals across all messaging should clearly identify the company whether the user is viewing a Powerpoint presentation, visiting a website, or seeing a print ad.

Also, not all multimedia tools are created equal. Websites are a great way to dispense information, but traditional advertising and consistent messaging are needed for branding to be successful. Powerpoint presentations are often used during meetings, seminars and conferences, and it is crucial that Powerpoint presentation design and functionality be precise and professional.

At Karen Spencer Design, we are excited about today's advances in multimedia and the ways they can enhance traditional marketing efforts. As a multimedia design company, we are committed to designing multimedia marketing and branding campaigns that are multifaceted, interconnected and balanced to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

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