Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Medical Marketing Management

Karen Spencer Design of New York is a full service marketing and graphic design firm that specializes in the management of medical marketing projects. We have worked with many organizations in the medical community, from large pharmaceutical companies to independent physician practices and understand the challenges involved with managing marketing and advertising for medical organizations.

Whether your needs include website design for a doctor's office, development of print ads for a medical journal or start to finish management of all medical marketing tasks, Karen Spencer Design has the knowledge and resources necessary to successfully manage all your medical marketing endeavors.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Website Design for Doctors

Today's doctors have a lot on their plate. Not only are they expected to successfully treat patients, but they must continually improve their knowledge and stay on top of the latest medical advancements, manage the business aspects of the practice, and keep abreast of changes in insurance and legal systems. The last thing doctors have time for is marketing and advertising. However, these are important for attracting new patients and ensuring a practice's sustainability.

One of the most cost-effective means of reaching out to new patients is through a website. Patients are using the Internet to find information about doctors and treatment strategies and many doctors find that a well-designed website can achieve the marketing goals of the practice better, and at a lower cost, than other forms of media.

The key to success is design. A doctor's website must be designed with clear goals in mind. How should the visitor feel when viewing the website? Are you interested in getting new patients to schedule a consultation or are you interested in offering an informational portal to establish expertise? Are you planning to update the website regularly with authoritative content and news about the practice or should the site serve as an online business card? The elements of successful website design for doctors will vary from practice to practice but the right website designer will ask the questions needed to produce design that precisely and effectively meets the needs of each organization.

Karen Spencer Design, a full service advertising and marketing firm in New York, has over 25 years experience working with medical professionals and understands the challenges involved with medical marketing and advertising. Our collaborative approach to designing websites for doctors ensures that the design accurately reflects the character and mission of the practice and that marketing goals are met.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Medical Marketing

Creating professional, science-based medical marketing and educational materials takes experience. Medical science is highly specialized, and precision is needed to design marketing and educational materials that are accurate and persuasive.

Karen Spencer Design, a full service medical advertising agency, has over 25 years experience designing medical marketing and educational materials. Whether your needs include original medical graphic design for branding, medical logo development, medical symposia design, or medical website design, our talented staff of design specialists will work with you to produce materials that are original, accurate and effective.

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